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Smart Calendar is a program designed to quickly and easily add events to a digital calendar, and works exactly like a traditional one. With Smart Calendar, you can remind yourself at a glance of all your important dates so you won't forget any of them.

This tool is aimed at people who don't want a heavy program with lots of options that they never use, but are instead looking for a simple tool to record their appointments, events, and reminders just like an ordinary agenda.

Smart Calendar presents a classically designed interface that's reminiscent of Windows 2000, and notable for the option to create different types of calendars: daily, weekly, or monthly. These can be exported to various formats like HTML, Excel, or PDF, thus letting you print your calendars and take them wherever you want without having to write them out by hand.

You can also set Smart Calendar to have a horizontal or vertical layout, or change the style, background, alignment, font and color of the text, as well as the calendar template and colors to code your events.

This is a practical, useful and simple tool that will help you organize your daily life.

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